Loop Hue

The image color normally cycles around the entire hue wheel, at the speed and direction dictated by the Color Speed parameter. In Loop Hue mode, cycling is limited to a subset of the hue wheel. The size of the subset is determined by Hue Loop Length. Loop Hue affects new rings only; existing rings are unaffected.

Enabling Loop Hue causes the hue to immediately reverse direction: the current hue becomes one end of the loop, and the loop length determines the other end. For example, suppose the hue is currently 240 (blue), Color Speed is positive (clockwise), and the loop length is 60. In this case, enabling Loop Hue causes the hue to cycle counterclockwise until it reaches 180 (cyan), at which point it reverses direction again and heads back towards blue.

A hue loop can be moved around the hue wheel, using the mouse or the Rotate Hue command. Manual hue changes are more dramatic when cycling is limited; 360 cycling tends to upstage them.